Thứ Sáu, 7 tháng 11, 2014


Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, people have produced many modern and convenient products such as: fridges, washing machines, electric cookers, hair dryers, electric irons,etc. In the paragraph below, I’ll show you how to use a rice cooker. +First, put rice and water into the pot in the corresponding levels . +Second, gently place into the boiler. Turn the pot a few times so that the bottom of the pot and heat wheels contact with each other . +Then, gently press down the face of the cover until the opening button cogs. + When finishing preparation, first plug the power cord into the socket of the pot , then plug the power cord into an AC power socket. After being plugged into the power source, the light "Keep Warm" will light up , you have to press down the "Cooking " button to start the cooking . ( If the light is " Warm ", the rice will be not cooked) + When finishing cooking, "cooking Button " will automatically jumps and you will hear a sound " Code ". At the same time, the light of “cooking”button goes off and the light of "Keep Warm" button goes on. Finally, your rice is cooked and can be used.

welcome to the special bulletin dated 01.01.2014

Hello. Welcome to the special bulletin dated 01.01.2014 of the Board of Tourism of National Economics University.This is Bin. Surely you're curious, the program today has something special and new compared to the previous program, right? And right now, I'll turn all of you. First, on 22/10/2014 was taking place finalist in How to cook a dish, the contest has ended successfully with the victory belongs to Xoxotha-number one with mango sticky rice dish .This is an attractive dish with reckless,full of studenthood characteristics ideas, and right here are some pictures of the contest. Closing the test "How to cook a dish," we start a new journey, Vietnam- timeless beauty contest with a view to introducing the image of Vietnam and the Vietnamese to the world: the Vietnamese up to gender as friends substitution slogan: the Vietnam-Endless Beautiful. Now,let’s see the Entry of Group Number One. Time passed quickly, it’s 5 minutes, goobye and see you in the next newsletter